TSE-SF10041-AF /-AT 

5 10/100Mbps POE Switch IEEE802.3af/-at


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Product Description

TSE-SF10041 series is a 5-port unmanaged POE (Power-over-Ethernet) Industrial Ethernet switch, it supports 4 POE ports which are classified as power source equipment (PSE).

TSE-SF10041 series uses UTP CAT5e to transmit data and power at the same time from a network node.

The port is not only for 10/100 MBPS connection, but which POE port can also provide IEEE802.3at standard of power supply.

By testing,TSE-SF10041 series suit for 802.3af/at terminal equipment supply after classifying, without fear of damaging the private standard POE or non POE equipment, and single port can provide up to 25.5watts of power.

TSE-SF10041 series greatly reduce the additional power wiring cost of the users, wireless LAN access points, video surveillance camera equipment and so on, providing users with higher flexibility and mobility.

Advanced self-adaptive algorithm only supply PD terminal equipment with power, so without fear of damaging to private standard POE or non POE equipment. It will stop supplying power when POE equipment isn’t connected.

TSE-SF10041 series, with terse and reliable design, identify automatically the requirement of POE, speed, duplex, and using Auto Uplink TM cable types.

      Reference                          Designation
  TSE-SF10041-aF 5 10/100Mbps port POE switch  Support  IEEE802.3af standard
  TSE-SF10041-aT 5 10/100Mbps port POE switch  Support  IEEE802.3at standard



1.4 port 10/100Mbps, up to 100 meters POE power supply distance.

2.Supply power to up to 4terminal equipment simultaneously when using UTP CAT5e.

3.4 port IEEE802.3at (30 W) Ethernet power supply standard, compatible with IEEE802.3af (15.4 W).

4.Dynamic LED display for monitoring port working conditions and power supply.

5.Through the secondary chip design of lightning protection, avoid electrostatic induction and isolate circuit protection at the same time.

6.Plug and play, require no configuration, power supply to the adaptive equipment automatically.

Product Name

5-port 10/100Mbps Ethernet POE power supply switch

POE Specifications

Support IEEE802 .3af,IEEE802 .3at
international power supply standard

POE power supply parameter

Single port: IEEE802 .3af 15.4W
IEEE802 .3at  30W

Max Power

96W (IEEE802.3at )

Standard Configured Standard

DC: 48V/1.25A/60W ,IEEE802.3af

DC: 48V/2A/96W,IEEE802.3at

Power supply line

Data line to 1 2 3 6  Free line to 4 5 7 8 (alternative)

Port and Performance

Electrical interface parameter

·Electrical interface:RJ45
·Cable Type :UTP CAT5e Or higher level of New CAT6
·Transmission distance :100 meter

Network protocol
and standards

IEEE802.3i  10BASE-T
IEEE802.3u  100BASE-TX
IEEE802.3x   Flow Control
IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet

Performance  Specification

· Store and forwarding
· Backplane bandwidth: 1.0G TSE-SF10041 series;
· Packet forwarding rate:·1.19Mpps
· Transfer mode: Full-Duplex or Half-Duplex adaption,self-adaption
· Addressing: 48 bit MAC address
·Mac Address Table: 1,000 MAC address per
· Network delay: 10Mbps to 100Mbps, less than 20ms under 64byte frame

LED indicators

·Per Port: Link, Activity, Speed
·Per equipment: Power LED , POE indicators LED

Safety protection

±8KV(contanc),be able to support
8/20us 12A

Environment and Specifications

Safety& Emission



132x83x35mm(H x W x D)



Environmental specifications

·Operating temperature: 0 to 55℃
·Storage temperature: -20 to 70°C
·Operating humidity: 90% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing
·Storage humidity: 95% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing


1 years

Application 1: IP terminal supports POE power supply, connecting the IP terminal to the POE for electrical appliances, and cable provide DC power through transmitting data, IP terminal without laying power supply. As shown below:

Application 2: IP terminal does not support POE power supply, the IP terminal equipment need to add a POE splitter, the PoE splitter connected to the PoE power supply, separating the data and electricity .

Through the Internet to transmit data, DC power line transmits power. Separate supply IP terminals, IP terminal without laying power supply. As shown below:


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