Testeur de resistance de terre Digital. mesure la resistance de terre des fils d’alimentation electriques des équipements, cablage de distribution, aussi celui des prises electriques


Description du produit

TS-EARTHRM  can done in two measurement modes: Bi-poles or Tri-poles, It also can be used to measure the earth voltage.

Large digital LCD and backlight applied to the meter facilitate users to read the information on LCD. Besides, the meter is capable of storing up to 100 groups of measurement data, which will not be lost even in case of power cuts so that the user can easily consult the historical data.

In addition, the meter can also be used to measure maximum, minimum or average and measure relatively.

Auto Power-off function has been provided for it.

Digital Display & Analog Bars Display

2 Pole and 3 Pole Mode

Earth Resistance By Constant Current Inverter 800Hz/3mA

MAX/MIN/AVG/REL Measurement Functions

Data Logging:100 group

Display Back Light

Low Battery Indication

Auto Power Off

  Earth ground Resistance 0Ω~29.99Ω ±(2%+6dgt) 0.01Ω
30Ω~99.9Ω ±(3%+3dgt) 0.1Ω
100Ω~999Ω ±(3%+3dgt)
1.00kΩ~4.00kΩ ±(3%+3dgt) 10Ω
  Earth voltage 0V~200V(50~60Hz) ±(1%+5dgt)) 0.1V
  • 1x Test Cable( Red/1KV CAT CAT III 10A/UL、18AWG/20m、striping wire length 8mm
  • 1x Test Cable( Black /1KV CAT CAT III 10A/UL、18AWG/5m
  • 1xTest Cable( Green/1KV CAT CAT III 10A/UL、18AWG/100m、striping wire length 8mm
    ● 1*Ground pole
  • 1*1* Alligator Clip
  •  6* AA/1.5V Batteries
  • Portable Bag x 1
  • Manual*1


TS-EARTHRM users manual: PDF

TS-EARTHRM Datasheet : PDF