TS-101 G.SHDSL 4xFE+E1(RJ45)

Modem:  G.SHDSL with  4  ports Fast Eth+1 port E1 interface (RJ45)

Support G.bis data rate, 2 wires at 5.7M bis and 4 wires at 11.4M bis

Support GSHDSL PAM 128 data rate up to 15Mbps in 2 wires

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Product Description

TS-101, G.SHDSL modem, transports multi mega bit stream over one or two pair of copper wires using TC-PAM technology. This modem supports multiple data rates ranging from 64 Kbps to 15Mbps (PAM128). It have Fast Ethernet 4 ports and 1 slot for install and choice of either V.35, Syn data interface or E1 interface or G.703 Co-directional 64K.interface .RS232 or FXO or FXS.

The TS-101 uses in-band Embedded Operation channel for controlling and monitoring the remote unit. The comprehensive diagnostics function developed includes G.SHDSL, E1 line performance monitoring, in-band local and remote loop backs and real time alarm report.

l  Meet ITU-T G.991.2 ETSI TS101 524.

l  Support data rate from 64Kbps to 15Mbps (PAM128) per 64Kbps increment. in 2 wires

l  Feature modular V.35, E1 G.703, RS232, 64K Co-directional, FXO, FXS.

l  Provide remote control and monitoring using in-band EOC channel.

l  Support DSL PRBS BER test.

l  Support local, remote loop back.

l  Perform G.SHDSL and E1 line performance monitoring.

l  Provide 96*15 minute and 7*24 hours performance data storage.

l  Detect and operate DSL loop crossover.

l  Support optional SNMP in-band management and Web GUI

l  Support remote download and configuration.

l  Support different DTE interface can work simultaneous by sharing the DSL bandwidth

l  Support G.bis data rate, 2 wires at 5.7M bis and 4 wires at 11.4M bis

l  Support GSHDSL PAM 128 data rate up to 15Mbps in 2 wires

G.SHDSL line
Line Coding: 16 TC-PAM, 32 TC-PAM,128 TC-PAM  is selectable
Line Rate:

192K bps ~ 57000 Kbps for one DSL loop.

384K bps ~ 114000 Kbps for two DSL loops.

Protection: ITU-T K.20, K.21 and IEC60950
Standard: ITU-T G.991.2, Annex A (Default), Annex B
Impedance: 135Ù +/- 5 %
Connector: RJ11
System Timing
Payload timing
(1) Internal clock, accuracy +/- 30ppm
(2) T1/E1 input clock
(3) Data port DTE clock[TT]
(4) Line Recovered clock
SHDSL timing
(1) Plesio synchronous, local oscillator:  22.1184MHz +/- 32ppm
(2) Synchronous
(3) Hybrid
  • Data interfaces
LAN Interface

IEEE 802.3/802.u 10/100 Base-T, Mac Address filtering bridge which supports up

to 128 Mac address learning port based VLAN and VLAN tag inserting or

removing are supported, support QoS and in band function

Supports 2K MAC addresses table with 4-ways associative hash algorithm.

Data Rate: up to 15Mbps(PAM128), Nx64Kbps.
Bridge: IEEE 802.1D transport, self-learning
Connector: 4xRJ-45
  • Optional Data interfaces

TS-101 supports multiple customer interfaces as E1, 1x V.35.64K G.703, RS232, FXO, FXS


E1 Interface
Line rate: 2048KHz +/- 50 ppm
Line Code: HDB3
Framing: PCM31, PCM30, PCM31C, PCM30C and unframed
Data Rate: 64 Kbps to 2048K bps [NX64Kbps, N=1 – 32]
Operation: Full E1 or fractional E1
Pulse shape: Meet ITU-T G.703
Impedance: balanced 120Ω +/- 5% resistive or unbalanced 75Ω +/-5% resistive
Connector: 120ohm RJ45,75ohm BNC
V.35 Data Port Interface
Interface: V.35
Data Rate: 64 Kbps to 4608 Kbps
Connector: DB25F, DB25 to MR34 adaptation cable provided
FXO/FXS Interace
Interface: FXO 2/4ports or FXS 2/4ports (optional).
Connector: RJ-11
V.24 /RS232  Data Interface
Interface: V.24
Data Rate: Synchronous: 1.2 , 2.4 , 4.8 , 9.6 , 14.4 , 19.2 , 38.4 , 56 , 64 or 128Kbps
Connector: Synchronous: 1.2 , 2.4 , 4.8 , 9.6 , 14.4, 19.2 , 38.4 , 57.6 , 115.2Kbps , BD25F
G.703 Co-directional Data Interface
Interface: 64K Co-directional
Connector: RJ-45

Local and remote AL/DL loopbacks via front panel loopback buttons,

VT-100 menu screen or in-band loopback codes

DSL PRBS BER testing

SNR, LOSW, ES, SES and UAS for DSL loops

Supports G.821 and G.826 error performance statistics for E1 interfaces

Management Interface
Craft port: RS-232/DB-9 for VT-100
Optional LCD display: Quick mode configuration, diagnostics and monitoring
Optional SNMP/Telnet Telnet access and an optional SNMP agent support. Web management is optional
  • Jitter and Wander

Meets G.823 and G.824 jitter and wander requirements for E1 interface

  • Power input
  1. DC: -36 ~ -72 VDC  optional, to be ordered seprately
  2. AC: 90 ~ 260V AC (47 ~ 63 Hz)
  3. AC and/or DC power source can be field selectable. The AC and DC power inputs can be served as power protection mutually.
  • Dimensions

Enclosure: 234.4mm x 155.5mm x 44.2 mm (WxLxH)

  • Environment
  1. Temperature: 0 ~ 60 degree C
  2. Humidity:       Up to 95% non-condensing