PAN24FTP5E – Panneau de brassage, 24 port

Panneau de brassage, 24 port FTP, Cat 5e

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Product Description

 Ftp cat.5e c6 24 port patch panel:

  1. ftp cat5e c6 patch panel
  2. 24 /48 ports patch panel
  3.  19" rack mountable.

Using the standard of 110 wire tools

Cable or fiber optic cable termination and connection devices

On the patch panel for interconnection or transfer operation

Patch panel as the core product of cabling system, the flexible transfer plays a transmission signal, flexibility in the allocation, clear structure

Adapt to different needs, voice / data points exchange, to adapt to the different LAN topologies


According to UL 1863

Current rating: 1.5 Amp Max.

Voltage rating: 150 Volts

Contact resistance: 20 m-ohm

Insulation Resistance: 500M-ohm

Dielectric Withstand Voltage: 1000 V AC RMS, 60Hz 1min

Ethernet applications>1000mbps,10/100mbps

Application: ATM or Ethernet 2.4G network

Durability: 250 mating

Meet TIA/EIA-568-A and TIA/EIA-568-B Category 5E cat6 requirements.


Meet ISO/IEC Generic Cabling Standard 11801

Meet CENELEC Generic Cabling Standard EN50173

Termination: 110 Type & Krone type

Reduce installation and operating costs

Large space for the positive identification

The port is easy to identify

Consistent with the standard 19-inch rack mount