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Receiver working with  TST-1550T-5  .transmitter

receiving 4 four 950~2150MHz Satellite RF and one 88~806MHz Terrestrial TV RF over one SM fiber from one transmitter.

32 thirty-two TST-1550R-5 can receive high quality RF from one TST-1550T-5 optic transmitter directly.


TST-1550T-5 v3

Convert Quattro LNB and Terr TV to fiber; VL/VH/HL/HH: 950~2150MHz; Terrestrial TV: 174~806MHz; 1530nm/1550nm/1570nm/1590nm CWDM

AGC on optical transmitter; High Linearity Laser and Photodiode; Excellent RF Isolation; Low noise RF Gain Control circuit


Working with wideband LNB fiber transmitter; Sat TV Fiber to the home design; High Linearity Photodiode
One SC/APC fiber input; Optical AGC range: -6dBm ~ +1dBm; SatCR output for 4pcs unicable sat receivers
Sat IF:1210MHz 1420MHz 1680MHz 2040MHz; Terrestrial TV RF Bandwidth: 88~250MHz


Convert wideband LNB and Terr into  1 singmode fiber   1 One optical SC/APC output
Wideband Vertical: 300~2350MHz (=VL+VH); Wideband Horizontal:300~2350MHz (HL+HH); Terrestrial TV bandwidth: 88~250MHz

N.B: Must be used with TST-1550R-L  receiver