TST-1550T-L Optical Fiber Satellite Transmitter – Wideband

Convert wideband LNB and Terr into  1 singmode fiber   1 One optical SC/APC output
Wideband Vertical: 300~2350MHz (=VL+VH); Wideband Horizontal:300~2350MHz (HL+HH); Terrestrial TV bandwidth: 88~250MHz

N.B: Must be used with TST-1550R-L  receiver

Product Description

TST-1550T-L fiber optic transmitter converts satellite wideband Horizontal, wideband Vertical RF from one twin LNB and terrestrial TV RF into one single mode fiber output while reverse powering the twin LNB with 14V DC. TST-1550T-L has few optical output versions supporting 1×32 or 1×128 or 1×256 fiber to the home optical receiver (FTTH LNB) directly.

  • Compact Aluminum die-cast housing
  • 3 RF inputs: wideband Horizontal/Vertical and Terrestrial TV
  • Wideband Vertical bandwidth: 300~2350MHz (same contents as Quattro: VL and VH)
  • Wideband Horizontal bandwidth: 300~2350MHz (same contents as Quattro: HL and HH)
  • Terrestrial TV bandwidth: 88~250MHz (UHF 470~806MHz TV channels converted into 170~250MHz VHF by GTC250 Terrestrial TV frequency converter)
  • Sat RF input port reverse powering LNB with 14V DC
  • RF gain control on the RF level to laser
  • One optical SC/APC output
  • Optical Transmitter supports 1×32 or 1×128 or 1×256 optical LNBs directly
  • WDM Option for GPON/EPON OLT
Item Parameter


Input RF port

Wideband Vertical Wideband Horizontal

One Terrestrial TV RF Port

Input RF frequency at each Sat port 300~2350MHz
Input RF frequency of Terrestrial TV 88~250MHz
Input RF Level

-55dBm ~ -25dBm(per sat transponder)

-50dBm~-35dBm (Terr TV channels)

Aggregate Input Power per port

-10dBm (Sat)

-20dBm (Terr TV)

Input Connectors 75Ω F Type (Female)
Input RF port return loss >10dB (typical)
DC Power to Twin LNB 14V
Laser Wavelength 1540nm~1575nm
Laser Output Power

>+6 dBm

>17dBm/20dBm (Options)

Optical Connector SC/APC, Single mode
Power Supply 19V 2A DC adapter, UL or CE certified
Power Consumption < 15W
Dimension 185×146×38(mm)
Weight 2.5Kg
Operating Temperature -10~+50℃
Storage Temperature -40~+85℃
Relative Humidity 5~95 % (non-condensing)