TST-1550R-L Optical Fiber Satellite Receiver – Wideband

Working with wideband LNB fiber transmitter; Sat TV Fiber to the home design; High Linearity Photodiode
One SC/APC fiber input; Optical AGC range: -6dBm ~ +1dBm; SatCR output for 4pcs unicable sat receivers
Sat IF:1210MHz 1420MHz 1680MHz 2040MHz; Terrestrial TV RF Bandwidth: 88~250MHz

Product Description

TST-1550R-L satellite TV FTTH Optical LNB is a fiber optic receiver converting optical signal into RF for up to 4 satellite receivers in one home. Working with TST-1550T-L satellite TV optical transmitter, TST-1550R-L has built-in SatCR module dealing with wideband satellite RF, outputs 4 satellite user bands at one SatCR RF port for 4 unicable satellite receivers.

TST-1550R-L has 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm WDM option port for co-working with GPON ONU in any FTTH application, which enables traditional satellite Quattro LNB contents be inserted in the GPON system.

  • Compact die-cast aluminum housing
  • High Linearity Photodiode
  • SC/APC fiber input
  • Optical AGC range: -6dBm ~ +1dBm
  • One SatCR RF port for up to 4 unicable sat receivers in one home
  • Sat RF Ban: 950~2150MHz
  • Terrestrial TV RF Bandwidth: 88~250MHz
  • Complied with EN50494+EN50607 standards
  • CE approved
  • Optional WDM port to GPON ONU
Item Parameter
Input Optical Wavelength 1000~1600 nm
Working Optical Power -14dBm ~ +2dBm
AGC Range -6dBm ~ +1dBm Optical Input
Optical Connector SC/APC
Optical Return Loss 45 dB
RF Bandwidth

Sat: 950~2150MHz

Terrestrial TV: 88~250MHz

RF Flatness Sat: ± [email protected]~2150MHz, ≤1.5dB @any 36MHz
RF Return Loss >10 dB
RF Connector American F Female
RF Output Impedance 75Ω
RF Output Level >74dBμV @ (-6dBm ~ +1dBm)
Sat User Band

4 (EN50494+EN50607)

1210MHz, 1420MHz, 1680MHz, 2040MHz

Power Supply 11~20V DC power adapter with F connector
Power Consumption 5W
LED Indicator

Wideband Horizontal LED and wideband vertical LED

Green when the signal is higher than -55dBm

Working Temperature -10 ~ +50℃
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85℃
Humidity ≤95%
Dimension (L*W*H) 165mm×85mm×38mm
Weight 0.5 Kg