Industrial switch 8 100M s Base-T ports + 1 uplink gigabit SFP port,  1 uplink gigabit Base-T ports)

DIN rail,  power supply : AC: 100~220V, 50Hz±10% DC:12~DC60V

Product Description

IES200 Series is an industrial switch introduced by BDCOM. Its two ports in the uplink can establish the self-healing ring. It is targeted for safety and security industry. All ports of IES200 Series supports full wire-speed non-block switching and MDI/MDIX auto-adaptation function. IES200 Series is characterized by high reliability, noiseless and energy-saving. Its expanded industrial design brings it with good EMC and vibration-proof and impact-proof. IES200 supports plug and play. IES200 adopts FPGA and CPLD. This series adopts standard DNI hull, which can easily applied in the field such as safety and security and transportation.
  • Complying with standards: IEEE802.1x, IEEE802.1Q, IEEE802.1w, IEEE802.1s, IEEE802.1ad, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3ad, IEEE802.3az, and IEEE802.3x;
  • All ports support Auto-MDI/MDIX and storage-and-forwarding mechanism;
  • All ports support Link/Act indicators;
  • Adopting DNI aluminium alloy hull which is compact in size;
  • The Packet Buffer Memory of CES200 can reach to 1.5Mbits;
  • Supporting the frame length as greatest as 1600Bytes;
  • Low consumption, fanless, noiseless;
  • Plug and play; no need of configuration;
  • Easy and secure device maintenance;
  • Easy and convenient installation;
  • Compact in size
Item IES200-1210
Switching capacity 7.2G
MAC capacity 4K
Ports 8-port 100M switch (8 100M Base-T ports, 2 up-link gigabit Base-T ports, DIN-rail)
Power supply AC: 100~220V, 50Hz±10%       DC:12~DC60V

Operating temperature/humidity: -10℃-75℃, 10%-85% non- condensing

Storage temperature/humidity: -40℃-70℃;10%-90% non-condensing

Aging of MAC

Supports address auto-learning and auto-aging (The age-time of the

MAC address table is 200 to 400 seconds)

Heat dissipation Fanless
Thunder proof Consumption of the main board <10W
Dimensions (W×D×H)(mm) 150×100×44