1 port GPON (SC/UPC), 4 GE ports 2.5 Gbps downlink and 1.25 Gbps uplink, 12V power supply

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Product Description

BDCOM GP1702 Series is a new generation smart ONT for Integrated multi-service broadband access networks.

GP1702 Series, Involving multiple models, supports common enterprise broadband access service, POE service and outdoor wide-temperature.

GP1702 Series is complied with the International standard ITU-T G.984/988 and PRC Communication Industry Standard GPON ONT In Access Technology Requirements and China Telecom GPON Technical Requirement CTC2.0. GP1702 Series has 5 models: GP1702-4F, GP1702-4FC-S, GP1702-4G, GP1702-4G-POE and GP1702-4G-IE.

Excellent Access Capacity

GP1702 Serles supports the PON transmission rate of downlink 2.5Gbp/ uplink 1.25Gbps. Connected with BDCOM OLT, it can realize 1:128 splitting ratio. 

Secure Service Carrying Ability

For ensuring the secure service carrying ability of ONT, BDCOM has developed techniques including VLAN, STP, port Isolation, ACL, QoS and Broadcast storm Control.

High Service Control Capability

GP1702 Serles supports DBA and Rate-Limit it supports advanced dynamic bandwidth distribution and accurate bandwidth limit, which enables users to share 2.5Gbps bandwidth resource appropriately. It also supports QOS function, which guarantees a reliable service quality and service priority.

Rich OMCI Function

GP1702 Serles supports the standard OMCI defined by ITU-T, Including configuration, alarm, performance monitoring, fault Isolation and security management, and it also supports private OMIC defined by BDCOM.