Onduleur ONLINE 6KVA-10KVA

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UPS Online Rack/Tour


–  TS906PS

–  TS9010PS

High Reliability
Advanced DSP digital control technology is applied to rectifier and inverter

Fan speed varies intelligently with temperature, reducing noise and increasing its service life

Rear ventilation design, fan operating in slow speed, UPS being able to work for a long time in harsh environment

Effective software and hardware protection function, powerful self diagnostic function

Higher reliability than single UPS system with advanced digital parallel technology

High Usability
LCD+LED display, multi-functional keys operation, friendly human machine interface

Powerful background software for parameters configuration and online updating

Compact internal layout, miniaturized the complete unit for small footprint

High Intelligence
Advanced multi-platform communications: RS232, USB, RS485, SNMP and dry contacts communication interfaces

Intelligent battery management, automatic floating / equalizing charge control, charger dormancy control, improving the reliability of charger and extending battery service life by 50%

Energy Conservation and Environment Protection
Active power factor correction (APFC), input power factor up to 0.99

Work efficiency up to 98% in ECO mode

Auto power ON/OFF according to the load capacity set by users

High Availability

Wide input voltage range, self-adaptive 50Hz /60 Hz grid system, suitable for various grid environments

Linear derating in low voltage input, reducing battery discharging times, extending the service life of battery

Output power factor improved from 0.8 to 0.9, load-carrying capacity increased by 13%

Flexible battery configuration for using 14/1 6/1 8/20pcs batteries, saving costs for customers

Doubling the battery charging speed, 90% capacity restored in 4 hours for standard model UPS

Ability to switch on the UPS with batteries in the absence of mains power

UPS power supply mode has no transfer time to ensure uninterruptible power

Configurable switching time from battery mode to mains mode when mains power is restored, reducing the impact on power grid or generator

Frequency conversion mode: 50Hz input / 60Hz output or 60Hz input / 50Hz output


Standard RS232, optional USB, maintenance bypass, parallel function, battery temperature compensation, SNMP card, RS485 card, dry contacts card, EMD environmental sensors and SMS alarms

Only one carton

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