Pure Sine Wave Inverter 300 W ~ 3500 W

The Pure Sine Wave Inverter is desirable long backup power, containes a pwoerful intelligent charger, it can be used as UPS for computers as well.

Product Description


  • DSP digital control technology
  • Pure Sine Wave otput
  • Suitable for all kinds of loads, such as resistive, inductive and rectified loads and motors
  • Use of pulse by pulse technology, improving load shock ability
  • Charger current Max 60A settable charge current and charge voltage on front panel
  • Settable no-load shutdown and energy saving mode
  • Short circuit, overload and low battery protection
  • Intelligent long backup time up to 10 hrs ( bassed on battery bank and loads)
  • Compatible with generators, and matching of inverter and generator is settable
  • Unique function : optional built-in MPPT module enable the inverter to work as off-grid solar inverter, optional DC module enable the invert to apply to communications, router, switch, mobile charging, DC fans and illumination.