TESTRJ45-POE Testeur câble réseau

testeur de câble réseau multifonction, PoE; longueur de câble; scanner numérique et analogique… etc

Product Description

  • Two scan modes selectable: AC filter & Non AC filter.
  • Detect AC voltage presence (50V-1000V).
  • Test physical status for STP, UTP lan cable.
  • Measure cable length accurately , the range is 200m.
  • Hub blink for locating network port by the flashing port light on Hub / Switch. Available to 10M/100M/1000M Hub/ switch.
  • PoE testing : identify which pins are providing power and detect how much voltage, identify which the type of PSE (at/af standard).
  • Technical parameters 
    Transmitter Wiremap Cable type CAT5、CAT6 (STP & UTP)
    Test with switch directly Yes
    Max range 600m
    Length Cable type CAT5、CAT6 (STP & UTP)
    Test range 2~200m
    Accuracy ±1.6m
      Breakage location Yes
    Scan Cable type CAT5、CAT6 (STP & UTP)
    Max. signal voltage 8Vp-p
    Frequency 130KHz
    AC filter Yes
    Max range 600m
    POE Test range DC 5~60V standard / non-standard PoE switch
    Voltage display Yes
    PSE type IEEE 802.3af/at
    LCD display 128*64 Dot-matrix with backlight
    Power supply AAA*3 (Not included)
    Low battary warning 2.7V
    Auto-off time 15min、30min、60min、OFF
    Voltage protection DC48V 5mA
    Max working current <150mA
    Receiver Sentivity adjustable Yes
    AC Voltage detecting Yes
    Lamp Yes
    Battary type 9V*1 (Not included)
    Low battary warning 6± 0.5V
    Max working current <100mA
    Remote Wiremap Port RJ45
    Voltage protection DC48V 5mA