GPON ONU, 4 ports 100Mbps

Description du produit

TELESYSTEM TS-1GP4G is a new generation smart ONU with 4x100Mbps ports for integrated multi-service networks. It is complied with the international standard ITT U-T G.9844/988 and PRC Communication Industry Standard GPON ONU in Access Technology Requirements.

  • Excellent Access Capacity: It supports the PON transmission rate of downlink 2.5Gbp/ uplink 1.25Gbps. Connected with TELESYSTEM OLTs, it can realize 1:128 splitting ratio. The covering radius of the network can reach to 20km.
  • Secure Service Carrying Abiliity: For ensuring the secure service carrying abilitty of ONU, TELESYSTEM has developed techniques including VLAN, STP, port isolation, ACL, QoS and Broadcast Storm Control.
  • High Service Control Capabiliity: It supports DBA and Rate-Limit. It supports advanced dynamic bandwidth distribution and accurate bandw idth limit, which enables users to share 2.5Gbps bandwidth resource appropriately. It also supports QOS function, which guarantees a reliable service quality and service priority.
  • Rich OMCI Functions: It supports the standard OMCI defined by ITU-T, including configuration, alarm, performance monitoring, fault isolation and security management, and it also suppports private OMIC defined by TELESYSTEM.
  • Complete Interaction Capacity: It is complied with ITU-T G.984/988 and relevaant requirements for PRC Community Industry Standard GEPON ONU in Access Technology Requirementts
  • Advanced Energy-saving Technique: It supports the “GreenTouch” architecture and “[email protected]”.
Attributes BDCOM GP1702-4F
User trial interface 4 fixed 10/100M BASE-T auto-adaptation RJ45 interface
PON interface downlink 2.5Gbps / uplink 1.25Gbps

The network covering radius: 20km

Type of the optical interface: SC/UPC

Hi-sensible optical receiver: -27dBm

Radiation power: 0.5 ~5dBm

Security: ONU authentication mechanism

Standards ITU-T G.984/G.988

PRC Community Industry Standard GEPON ONU in Access Technology Requirements

IEEE 802.1D, Spanning Tree


IEEE 802.1w, RSTP

ITU-T Y.1291

VLAN Supports 64 VLANs (1~4094)

Port based VLAN


CTC2.0 defined VLAN

Multicast IGMP-Snooping

CTC defined dynamic multicast


QoS Backpressure flow control (half duplex)

IEEE 802.3x flow control (full duplex)

Head Of Line (HOL) mechanism

IEEE 802.1p, CoS

four priority queues on each port


Rate limit

Reliability Loop detect


Security Limitation to the number of MAC addresses on the port

Port protection

Port storm control

Management CLI, Web, SNMP and TELNET

Software upgrade through TFTP and WEB

Local syslog or server syslog

Dimensions mm (W×D×H) 130 x 100 x 28
Installation: plug and play
Heat dissipation Supports long-time use (For instance, 24 hours);

The device running hot will not affect its performance or cause it break down.

Environment requirements Operating environment: 0℃~45℃; 10%~85% non-condensation
Storage environment: -40℃~80℃; 5%~95% non-condensation
Power supply DC12V/0.5A (external adaptor power supply)
Power consumption <6W