Next generation and high performance router, equipped with 64-bit multicore processor and supports reach protocols. It has 2GE TX, 2GE SFP, and 2 HIC slots.

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Product Description

BDCOM BSR2900 Series is the next-generation multi-functional switching router developed by BDCOM. It adopts the 64-bit multi-core processor, high-speed switching engine. It is a well-adapted router. BDCOM BSR2900 Series has 4 models such as BSR2900-10, BSR2900-12P, BSR2900-20B and BSR2900-40B. It supports the full switching function, USB2.0 expansion, service expansion and engineering maintenance. BDCOM BSR2900 Series is equipped with BDROS operating system, of which BDCOM has the independent intellectual property right. BDCOM BSR2900 Series builds a real multiservice broadband platform by providing rich software functions such as routing, switching, safety, VPN and LTE. With its strong processing and expansion capability, rich software functions and hardware modules, BDCOM BSR Series meet requirements of the government, financial institutions, the defense system, operators and enterprises in network construction.

  • High-performance
  • Excellent Energy-saving Characteristics
  • Strong Expandability
  • New Services
  • Secure Service Access
  • Traffic Management Policy
  • Varied Protocols
  • Flexible Management and Maintenance
  • Complete Layer-2 Switching Capacity