Cliveuse fibre économique

Cliveuse pour fibre avec gaine 900µm ou  250µm, efficace pour FTTH et connecteurs installable sur terrain.

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Product Description

OUT-CLV09C is a single fiber cleaver designed to accommodate either 900µm buffered or 250µm coated fiber. 

The OUT-CLV09C  cleaver’s quick and easy three-step operation is well suited for mechanical splice and quick termination field connector applications. 

The leaf spring base is ruled to allow for cleave lengths of 2 to 20mm.

The standard carbide blade will perform up to 6000 cleaves before replacement.

• Designed for Silica Glass Fiber (core and clad)
•  80µm to 200µm
900µm Buffer or 250µm Coated fiber
Cleave Length 2 to 20mm
Length: (124.00 mm);   Height:  (20.00 mm)
Width:  (40.00 mm);  Weight: (60.0g)

OUT-CLV09C  Economy filed fiber-cleaver