FOSC72HCLIP – Manchon Fibre Optique 72 F Horizontal

Manchon fibre optique horizontal

3 cassettes

72 brins

avec presse étoupe pour chaque entrée de cable

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Product Description

FOSC72HCLIP horizontal joint box is a series of joint boxes, this joint box can be used for the installation of cable without cutting, flexibility is also strong, the sealing method adopts a unique way, the effect is good, and it is easy to repeat the operation. it has cable gland on each cable entry.

  • A total of 4 ports (2 in 2 out), and suitable for Φ 10 to 18 mm cable.
  • FOSC72HCLIP can support up to 72 cores, with 3 *24 available.
  • This product main body uses the mechanical seal, is suitable for the Aerial and the pipeline installation.
  • The box body is designed with buckles around it, which can be opened and used repeatedly without screws.
  • Cable sealed by nuts, cable application range and meet the sealing requirements. Detachable nut design, more practical.
  • Dimension(mm)


    Maximum capacity (single core))




    Sealing method


    Numbers of entrances


    Capacity of one tray(single core)


    Diameter of suitable optical cable (mm)

    Φ 10-18 mm

    Numbers of trays