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SHDSL Modem router complies with G.991.2 standard with 10/100 Base-T

Multi-range from 64kbps to 2.304Mbps payload rates over exiting single-pair copper wire.


1K HDMI fiber optic  to video/audio/data, with KVM , extender 20km distance


Industrial Serial Fiber Converter,Extends RS232/RS422/RS485 transmission up to 2Km on MMF, 20Km on SMF

Industrial din-rail mounting, Dual power supply input, 9-52VDC.


HDMI Extender Over Ethernet

This product transmits HDMI audio and video signal up to 200M user through the CAT5e/6 cable



Unmanaged industrial POE fiber switch/converter ,IEEE802.3af/at , DIN rail installation, 2x 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-sensing RJ45 ports+ 1x 1000Mbps SFP fiber ports.

If not use PEO power supply can be only 12VDC

TS‐SR232DR‐40 Industrial Din-Rail 1RS232+1RS485 Fibre ConverterTS‐SR232DR‐40 Industrial Din-Rail

1 serial port, with  three serial interfaces of RS232/422/485(the interface type can be set by DIP switch),

Mini Din Rial, FC single Core fibre 40 KM,DC Power supply 9-55v, din rail installation.


Fiber MODEM:  with 2-channel serial port fiber transmission,  1st interface RS422/485, 2nd interface RSS32 interface,FC dual core fibre 40 Km , DC power supply 9-55v, din rail installation.


Industrial din-railed serial server is IP40 protection grade,.  1 channels of RS232/422/485 to 1 channels of FE,

Convertisseur port serie RS232/422/485  vers Fast Ethernet, power input DC9-70V.


TS-873 wireless digital transmission module offers standard RS-232, RS-485 and UART/TTL level interfaces for direct connection with computers, use’s RS-485 equipments, SCM or other UART parts.

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4K HDMI fiber optic  to video/audio/data, with KVM , extender 10km distance

ts-1200 (1)ts-1200 (3)

RS232/RS422/RS485 Serial to Ethernet Converter(TS-1200)

Industrial grade:  temperature: -25 ~ 70°C

Conv HDMI-Fibre (2)TS-MCHDMI-FO – 2K

HDMI  KVM Fiber optic  extender, bidirectional audio and RS232 over one fiber optic cable, , high resolution up to 1920*1200@60Hz.


Receiver working with  TST-1550T-5  .transmitter

receiving 4 four 950~2150MHz Satellite RF and one 88~806MHz Terrestrial TV RF over one SM fiber from one transmitter.

32 thirty-two TST-1550R-5 can receive high quality RF from one TST-1550T-5 optic transmitter directly.


TST-1550T-5 v3

Convert Quattro LNB and Terr TV to fiber; VL/VH/HL/HH: 950~2150MHz; Terrestrial TV: 174~806MHz; 1530nm/1550nm/1570nm/1590nm CWDM

AGC on optical transmitter; High Linearity Laser and Photodiode; Excellent RF Isolation; Low noise RF Gain Control circuit


Working with wideband LNB fiber transmitter; Sat TV Fiber to the home design; High Linearity Photodiode
One SC/APC fiber input; Optical AGC range: -6dBm ~ +1dBm; SatCR output for 4pcs unicable sat receivers
Sat IF:1210MHz 1420MHz 1680MHz 2040MHz; Terrestrial TV RF Bandwidth: 88~250MHz


Convert wideband LNB and Terr into  1 singmode fiber   1 One optical SC/APC output
Wideband Vertical: 300~2350MHz (=VL+VH); Wideband Horizontal:300~2350MHz (HL+HH); Terrestrial TV bandwidth: 88~250MHz

N.B: Must be used with TST-1550R-L  receiver


Convertisseur BNC BNC s-vidéo VGA vers VGA HD 1080P , adaptateur de sortie VGA, boîtier de commutation numérique pour PC Mac TV, caméra DVD DVR


Pour  transporter les liens E1 via les reseaux  IP ou Ethernet  existant. c’est très utile quand on n’a pas de cable fibre direct entre deux sites.