32*Voice +16*E1+ 8*GE (physical isolation) Optical Fiber Multiplexer

PCM mux: 32 Voice ports; 1-16 E1 interfaces; 8 Ports Gigabit
Ethernet physically isolated; over fiber SFP  or 2 optical interfaces (1+1) (option)

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Product Description

TSM-32E16N8-ISO       This series of products is point-to-point optical transmission equipment developed
based on the dedicated very large scale integrated circuit developed by our company.
This product provides 32 Voice interfaces; 1-16 E1 interfaces; 8 Gigabit
Ethernet interfaces; each Ethernet electrical port has its own independent
Gigabit bandwidth; the total bandwidth of all 8 Ethernet channels is 8000M(8G),
through one optical fiber transmits, 8 channels of Gigabit Ethernet signals are
completely independent, do not affect and interfere with each other, that is,
physically isolated; and have 4 channels of RS232/422/485 interfaces(option); 2
optical interfaces (1+1 optical backup)(option) etc.; the internal circuit part
of the equipment adopts all-digital circuits. The whole machine works reliably
and stably, with low power consumption, high integration, small size and easy
installation and maintenance.

l     19-inch 1U rack-mounted, all-aluminum alloy, anodized casing, fanless heat dissipation design, IP40 protection grade;

l     Based on integrated circuits with independent intellectual property rights, the total bandwidth of optical fiber lines is 10G;

l     The optical port’s non-relay transmission distance can reach 2 to 120 kilometers; it provides 1+1 optical port backup function and dual optical port backup function to ensure uninterrupted business;

l     The E1 interface complies with G.703 recommendations and adopts fully digital clock recovery and smooth phase locking technology;

l     8-channel Gigabit Ethernet is 10/100/1000M, full/half duplex and fully adaptive. Each Ethernet electrical port has its own independent Gigabit bandwidth physical isolation;

l     Each Ethernet port supports Auto-MDIX (cross/direct line adaptive);

l     Gigabit Ethernet supports the transmission of VLAN ultra-long data packets and can be used with switch products that support the IEEE802.1Q protocol. It can support jumbo frame Ethernet packets with a maximum packet length of 10240;

l     32-channel voice access, supports caller ID function/reverse polarity billing/fax function; the phone supports mutual number allocation function for both sites;

l     The voice port supports FXO/FXS/24-line EM/24-line audio/magnet telephone interface. The FXO port is connected to the program-controlled switch, and the FXS port is connected to the user’s telephone;

l     The device has a power-down detection function, which can detect when the optical signal is lost, indicating that the peer device has lost power or the optical fiber is unavailable;

l     1 Console management interface (optional); 1 SNMP management interface (optional);

l    Multiple power supply modes are available: AC220V, DC-48V/DC24V, etc.; supports AC+DC; AC+AC; DC+DC and other dual power supply modes;


Optical port: 1, 2 (1+1 optical backup)

Optical port rate: 10G

Optical fiber: single fiber and double fiber

Fiber Interface: FC/SC/ST/LC (SFP)

Wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm single mode

No relay transmission distance: 20~120Km

Typical transmit power:

Single mode 1310/1550nm: ≥-9dBm

Acceptable sensitivity range: -28dBm~- 40dBm

  • FXO Trunk Interface

Ring detection voltage: 35V

Ringing detection frequency: 17Hz-60Hz

Two-wire input impedance: 600Ω (off-hook)

Return loss: 20 dB

  • E1 Interface

Device interface: complies with G.703

Rate: 2048Kb/s ± 50ppm

Code: HDB3

Impedance: Unbalanced 75/balanced 120

(Unbalanced type with coaxial interface adapter, can be adapted to 75-2/3 coaxial cable)

Jitter characteristics: in accordance with G.742, G.823

Allowed attenuation: 0~6dBm

  • 10/100/1000M Ethernet Interface

Protocol: IEEE 802.3az compliant, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

Rate: 10/100M adaptive, full/half duplex fully adaptive

MAC address table: Can learn 4096 MAC addresses

     Physical interface: RJ45 seat, support Auto-MDIX

  • Magnet Phone Interface

Ringing voltage: 75V

Ringing frequency: 25Hz

Second-line input impedance: 600Ω (off-hook)

Return loss: 20dB

  • E&M 2/4 Line Interface

E&M type: TYPE V

E line maximum current: 22mA;

Saturation voltage: 3V

M line constant current: 7mA;

Minimum detection current: 5mA

AD gain: 0dB;    DA gain: 0dB

2/4 line input impedance: 600Ω

  • properties

System power supply: AC180V~260V; DC–48V; DC+24V

(Supports dual power supply redundant backup)

Power consumption: ≤20W

Appearance structure: 485(length)X200(width)X45(height)mm 19 inches 1U rack type

Weight: 3.8Kg/set

  • FXS user phone port / business phone port
  • phone port

Ringing voltage: 75V;

Ringing frequency: 25Hz

Two-wire input impedance: 600Ω (off-hook)

Return loss: 20dB

  • Working environment           

Working temperature: -10 ° C – +60 ° C

Storage temperature: -40 ° C – +85 ° C

Working humidity: 0% – 95% (no condensation)

MTBF: >100,000 hour


Product Number


Product Function Description

Simultaneously transmits 32 physically isolated voice channels + 8 physically isolated GE channels + 16 E1 channels on the 1+1 optical fiber

Service Port Description

2 optical fiber interfaces; 32 voice interfaces, 16 E1 interfaces, 8 GE Ethernet; 4 serial ports

Power Supply

AC220V / DC-48V / DC+24V (power supply optional)

Product Size

485mm (length) x 138mm (width) x 45mm (height); 19inch 1U rack mount type