Ethernet Modem, provides 4 ports RS485 (RS485 connector: RJ45), 1 port 10/100Base-Tx Ethernet

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Product Description

TS-4RS485-1ETH provides 4 ports RS485 (RS485 connector: RJ45), 1 port 10/100Base-Tx Ethernet (and optional: 1port fiber port (SFP or 1*9)). Its provide strong function configuration tools based in Windows platform, and can guide user configure the device step by step. All configurations are coming true by WEB or Telnet, support cross-gateway and cross-router, user can change configure IP address, server and client mode, data bag size etc.
  • 10/100M Ethernet ( or SFP fiber port is optional) 4 Port RS485 (RJ45 ports)
  • Support WEB and Telnet configuration
  • Support TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP and DNS protocol Have TCP Server, TCP Client, TCP Auto, UDP and Real COM driver working mode
  • Support UDP multicast and UDP subnet mode
  • Support heartbeat time and time over disconnect function Cross-gateway and cross-router communication are available
  • Virtual serial COM port access and Network interruption automatic recovery
  • Provide Windows configuration tools for easy to use, easy to bath install.

RS485/422 Port

RS422 T+(A),T-(B),R+(A),R-(B)
RS485 D+(A),D-(B)
Baud Rate 300bps~115200bps
Transmission Distance 1200m

Ethernet Port       RJ45

Standard 10Base-T, 100Base-TX
Protocol Support TCP, UDP, APR, ICMP and DHCP
Network Rate 10/100Mbps
Work Mode Support TCP Server and Client
Transmission Distance 100m

Fiber Port           (optional)

Fiber Connector LC/SC
Wavelength 850nm/1310nm/1550nm
Distance 2km/20km/40km/60km/80km/100km/120km


Power Supply DC5V-12V
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Storage Temperature -30℃-60℃
Dimension 160mm×95mm×28mm
Weight 0.65Kg