Product Description

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  TS-I48G-AT   10/100/1000Mbps PoE Injector

Input Voltage :

     Rated voltage (Nominal Voltage): 100-240V Ac adjustment range (Variation Range): 80-264V Ac

Input Frequency:

     Nominal Frequency: 50 / 60Hz Variation Frequency: 47-63Hz

Input Current :

  1. When the input AC voltage is rated lower limit, the output voltage load full load, the maximum input AC current 1A.
  2. 1Arms max At any input voltage and rated, DC output rated load.

Inrush Current :

  1. When the output is rated load, the ambient temperature is 25 ℃, the input 240Vac cold start power when the maximum, Surge current is less than 30A.
  2. 30Amps Max. Cold start at 240Vac input, with rated load and 25 ℃ ambient.

AC Leakage Current:

When the input voltage 240Vac, the maximum leakage current of 0.25mA. /0.25mA Max At 240Vac input.

Boot, first determine whether the load is 25KΩ resistance characteristics (that is, whether the load in the connected), the corresponding feedback

The voltage is 1V-11V. And then start the power classification test: first output voltage between 14V-25V, according to the feedback current automatically

Assign a current reference (Range: ± 10%). When the normal working hours of current in the 80mA ≤ I ≤ 720mA range

Within the normal power supply beyond the current load into the protection state until the fault cleared or after the chip 2S re-

Detection, the failure to confirm the work before they can be solved, then every 1S repeated testing time.

 Voltage Min
  Voltage Max
  Voltage Line Regulation
  Load Regulation
 + 48.0 Vdc
   48.0 V
    50.4 V
        ± 3%
     ± 5%


   load Min
 Load Max
 Load Peak
 Output Power
 + 48.0 Vdc

Operating Temperature:

0 ℃ ~ -40 ℃, full load, normal work (Full load Normal operation).

0 ℃ to 40 ℃, Full load Normal operation.

Storage Temperature: – 20 ℃ to85 ℃, with shell (With package).

Operating Humidity (Relative Humidity):

5% (0 ℃) ~ 90% (40 ℃), 72 hours, full load, normal work

5% (0 ℃) ~ 90% (40 ℃) RH, 72Hrs, Full load Normal operating.


 Test standards: International Electrotechnical Commission

5 ~ 9Hz, A = 1.5mm Acceleration (9 ~ 200Hz, Acceleration 5m / s2)

Transportation: IEC 721-3-2 2M2

5-9 Hz, A = 3.5 mm

9 ~ 200Hz, acceleration = 5m / S2

200 ~ 500HZ, the acceleration = 15m / S2

axial vibration: (Axes, 10 cycles per axis).

Permanent damage cannot occur during the test.

After the power is turned on and off, the prototype can be restored to its original condition.

Dropping test (Packed):

1 corner, 3 edges, and 6 surfaces

Height 76m Height: 76cm

Shell size:

The power supply size L145 * W62 * H40mm

Output mode:


_ Catalogue Switchs TELESYSTEM: PDF

TS-I48G-AT_Datasheet: PDF