TSM-50-5064 High Capacity Multiplexer

Chassi 3.5U  standard 19″, avec matrice de commutation de  7680 x7680 non-blocking;

le Systeme supporte maximum 240 x E1, and 240 x 64Kbps avec chassi d’extension.

Une variété de cartes réseau comme: PDHE1 et  TDMoIP (Ethernet)

redandance de controleur, double alimentation, liaison fibre 1+1 uplink .

peut être configuré en point -à- point , oubien point -à-multipoint


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Product Description

TSM-50-5064 adopts 3.5U height standard 19" rack mountable chassis . The powerful switching matrix provides 7680 x7680non-blocking cross connections. System supports maximum 240 x E1, and 240 x 64Kbps channels with the expansion chassis. Various network cards, such as PDH, E1 and TDMoIP (Ethernet) uplink card are available for fitting different networks requirement.

System designs with reliability enhancement, such as redundancy controller, 1+1 uplink and dual power supply. It can configure for point to point or point to multipoint networking with different type of transport media; and it can execute D/I .

Main feature

Ø   Enhanced redundant and hot swappable design for controller, network interface and power supply;

Ø   Versatile concentration platform, support E1, PDH and TDMoIP networking;

Ø   Reliable system design with redundant controller, 1+1 optical link protection and dual power supply;

Ø   Powerful 7680 x 7680 non-blocking matrixes for 240 x E1 cross connection

Ø   Synchronous data module includes 64Kbps co-directional, N×64Kbps data interface;

Ø   Asynchronous data module with RS232 and RS485 interface;

Ø   Voice module includes FXO, FXS, Hotline, Magneto, Carrier-wave and 2/4-wire E&M interface;

Ø   Total 19 slots: 2 fixed slot for Master control card, 2 fixed slot for Power supply, 15 slots for service business;

Ø   Upgrade firmware and software remotely;

Ø   Power supply with AC220V or DC-48V, or AC220V + DC-48V.


Ø   PDH Optical Interface

Speed: 150Mbps ±50ppm

Output optical power: -15dBm

Receiving sensitivity: -35dBm

Optical wave length: 1310nm / 1550nm

Optical interface connector: SFP/LC

Ø   E1 Interface

Bit rate: 2048Kbps ±50ppm

Code type: HDB3 code, G.703 standard

Input impedance: 120Ω (default), 75Ω (optional)

Frame structure: Conforming to G.704, G.706

Compression law: Conforming to G.711

Level: ±2.37V ±10%

Ø   ETH Interface (10/100M UTP)

Interface rate: 10/100Mbps, auto

Standard: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

Connector: RJ45

Ø   ETH Interface (100BASE/FX)

Bit rate: 100Mbps, full duplex

Standard: IEEE802.3, IEEE802.1Q (VLAN)

Connector: RJ45

Ø   Power Supply

Input voltage: -48Vdc and/or 220Vac

Voltage range: -36Vdc ~ -78Vdc, 165Vac ~ 265Vac

Power consumption: <50W

Ø   Operation Environment

Working temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C

Working humidity: <=90 % (non condensed)

Datasheet:   TSM-50-5064 PDF