Permet de transmette 4 ports Ethernet  10/100Base-T  sur   1 Port E1 (120 Ohms/75Omhs) non tramé.

Product Description


It converts Ethernet frame structure to E1 frame structure, and recovers E1 frame structure to Ethernet frame structure at the other side, which enables Ethernet data to transmit in telecom network based on E1.

Because it is efficiently and effectively used the spared bandwidth of telecom providers, it saves the networking cost and improve the efficiency and can be used immediately.

The outstanding feature is supporting 4 Ethernet interfaces with VLAN function

Support Ethernet data transmitting transparently or according to timeslots in E1 line; bandwidth ranges from 64Kbps-2048Kbps.

Support 4 auto-negotiate and full/half duplex Ethernet interfaces, Support MDI/MDI-X auto-sensed, support intercommunicate and VLAN division between 4 Ethernet interfaces, support VLAN transparent transmission.

Support network management function, able to supervise the working status.

Support data filter at local side.

Synchronously provide 75Ω unbalance /120Ω balance E1 port.

E1 Interface:
   -Fully comply with ITU-T G.703、G.704

   -Code Pattern: HDB3 code 
   -Rate: 2048Kbps±50ppm
   -Interface: 75Ω BNC / 120Ω RJ45 

Ethernet Interface:
   -Fully comply with IEEE 802.3(2000)specifications

   -Rate: 10Mbps or 100Mbps
   -Interface type:RJ45 

General characteristics
-Dimension: 220*175*35 mm

-Net weight:1000g 
-Power:AC176V~264V(DC-36 ~ -72V optional) 
-Power consumption: <5W
-Environment temperature: 0℃-50℃ 

Packing List
-TSM-1FE1/4ETH FE1/4X10(100)BaseT protocol converter

-One Power cord (Note : -48v no with power cord)
-Two BNC Coaxial Connectors
-Manual book


TSM-1FE1/4ETH_Fiche_technique: PDF