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Introduction Features Specifications TSM-50-1008 as the next innovative digital multiplexer, that can provide more flexibility and reliability to fit for different network and market demands. It combines traditional PCM feature, digital cross connection, fiber multiplexing or the Voice over IP technology all together seamlessly, just a simple click on the management program as customer wish. …
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Sold By Sarl Alief

TSM-60-3516 chassi

TSM-60-3516 High compact and powerful MSTP equipment, it integrates all kind of transport platforms, such as IP Ethernet, SDH, PDH, DDN, PCM all together; supports all type of digital services, such as digital cross connect (DXC), IPPBX,voice/data drop/insert services all-in-one on a 3.5U height, 19 inches width equipment shelf

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Highly compact and powerful MSTP equipment, integrates all kind of transport platforms, supports all type of digital services, such as digital cross connect (DXC), IPPBX, voice/data drop/insert services all-in-one.

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60/120 channel pots fiber optical PCM multiplexer

Expansion of legacy PCM network with multi-function and multi-services; seamlessly merge with fiber, GPON, SDH, IP, HDSL all kinds of network together with flexible choices of voice and data interfaces.

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Multiplexeur  PCM  30FXO/FXS  sur    E1,120ohm RJ45, double alimentation AC+DC, rackmount 19 »

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Multiplexeur PCM:   30 lignes telephoniques analogiques FXO/FXS sur  fibre, 4E1 120 ohms (RJ45)+ 2 ports Fast Ethernet, Single mode, dual fiber SC connector, 40km,

alimentation double 220VAC& -48DVC

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Multiplexeur PCM: 08 lignes tel analogiques FXO/FXS, 4 ports Ethernets 100/100Mbps,4 ports E1 120 Ohms: sur fibre SM distance 40km, dual fibre. Double alimenation AC+DC.


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Multiplexeur  16 voix analogiques + 4FE   sur une ligne E1 ( 2 Mbps ).

double alimentation AC+DC, rackmount 19 »

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TSM-OV1654 back panel+rear

Multiplexeur PCM: 30 lignes telephone analogiques, 4 ports interfaces E1, 4 ports 10/100/1000M interfaces Ethernet  et 4 interfaces d’extension, sur fibre monomode SC 40km, SFP port; double alimentation AC+DC.