Fiber-4Voice Multiplexer+1Network


Fiber-8Voice Multiplexer+1Network

Fonctionne sur un  seul brin de fibre 40km

Description du produit

Ø   Fiber port:  single core fiber  distance 40km

Ø  The local end can display the fiber connection status of the remote device

Ø  Voice port supports FXO and FXS port, Support FXO/FXS, Magnet telephone Interface, FXO port docking with program-controlled switchboard, FXS port connected to the user’s telephone;

Ø  1~4 or 1~8 channel Voice access, Voice FXO / FXS interface, support for caller ID / reverse polarity billing / fax function;

Ø  Support various sites mutual number allocation function

Ø  External AC220/5-12V power adapter, can also be external DC-48V/5-12V power adapter

Ø  Telephone interface with lightning protection, lightning reached IEC61000-4-5 Short circuit current wave 8 / 20μs, the peak output voltage 6KV open standards.