TSM-60-3516 SDH MSTP chassi multiplexer

Multipexeur  SDH/MSTP en chassi compact 3.5U19, intégrant tous les types de plateformes de transport, comme IP Ethernet, SDH, PDH, DDN, PCM, tous ensemble; supporte tous les services numériques, comme digital cross connect (DXC), IPPBX, voice/data drop/insert all-in-one 

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Product Description

     Extreme high compact and powerful MSTP equipment, it integrates all kind of transportplatforms, such as IP Ethernet, SDH, PDH, DDN, PCM all together; supports all type of digital services, such as digital cross connect (DXC), IPPBX,voice/data drop/insert services all-in-one on a 3.5U height, 19 inches width equipment shelf.

       By the advanced state-of-art modular design, TSM-60-3516 has the 10Gbps back plane main bus, make it capable to provide the most flexible combination of services to fulfill all kind of modernized communication demand. Its compact chassis provides dual controller, dual power supply and interface card hot swappable capability, make it the most reliable equipment to use for access, even core network. 

With its versatile and incredible capability, it can be configured as SDH switc h,TDM over IP switch, digital cross connect switch, an IPPBX switch or even all together, and provides cross connection and signal conversion between all these channels.

The most high compact MSTP equipment with just 3.5U height shelf

Ø Standard 19” rack mounting front access chassis with fan unit on the back

Ø 10Gbpsultra-high capacity main bus back plane

Ø Hot swappable for controller and all types of trunk cards and user cards

Ø High flexibility with modular design, common slot for trunk and user cards

Ø Extra large scale switching capacity with 7200 x 7200 non-blocking switching

Ø Reliable structure with 1+1 controller, 1+1 power supply and 15 common slots for trunk
and user cards

Ø Sophisticate configurable system protection with 1+1 MSP, SNCP network protection and 1+1
interface protection

Ø Versatile configurable function as SDH switch, DXC, TDMoIP switch, IPPBX or signaling

Ø System supports 4 x STM-16, or 20 x STM-4, or 60 x STM-1 optical ports

Ø Ethernet supports 12 x GE, or 120 x FE electrical ports

Ø Total 7200 timeslots cross connection for TDM over IP Ethernet

Ø Data interface provides V35, V24/V28, RS232 for selection

Ø Analogue interface supports FXS, FXO, 2/4 wires E&M, MAG and HOT line

Ø IPS card can register 400 x SIP phones or defined as 400 x SIP trunks

Ø IPS card supports general PABX function with all kinds of call feature, such as caller
display, call forward, call transfer, call waiting, call pickup, call back,
call hunting, DND (Do Not Disturb), DID (Direct Inward Dial), DOD (Direct
Outgoing Dial), CDR (Call Detail Record), IDD & DDD lock, wake-up call,
voice mailbox, background music … etc.

Ø Sophisticated signaling interchange feature supports analogue and digital voice signaling
conversion, includes SIP, ISDN/PRI, SS7, V5.2, R2, DTMF, 2/4Wires E&M,
FXS/FXO etc.


Ø  Number of Slots 15 slots for interface, 2 slots for controller, 2 slots for power supply

Ø System Cross-connection Capacity

       192 x 192 VC4 high order cross-connection;

       4032 x 4032 VC12 lower order cross-connection;

Ø System Maximum Capacity

       4 x 2.5Gbps SDH Optical Port (I-16, S-16.1, L-16.1, L-16.2)

       20 x 622Mbps SDH Optical Port (I-4, S-4.1, L-4.1, L-4.2)

       60 x 155Mbps SDH Optical Port (I-1,S-1.1, L-1.1, L-1.2)

       12 x GE Electrical                    Port 120 x FE Electrical  

       Port 240 x E1                           Port 240 x FXO Port

       240 x FXS Port                         240 x RS232 Port

       120 x 4WE&M Port                  120 V35 Port

       7200 TS x TDM over IP            60 x FV35 Trunk

       60 Digital Trunk                        400 x SIP-T or

                                                        400 x SIP-U

Ø Network Protection

       1+1 MSP, SNCP

Ø Equipment Protection

      Cross-connection matrix and clock unit 1+1 protection

       Uplink and downlink interface card 1+1 protection

       Power 1+1 protection

Ø Clock Port

       1 output, 1 external input (2Mbps or 2MHz optional)

Ø Clock Working Mode 

       Lock mode, holdover mode or Free-run mode

Ø Mechanical Dimension

       440mm (W) x 280mm (D) x 159mm (H)

Ø Power Supply

       Input voltage: -48Vdc and/or 220Vac

       Voltage range: -36Vdc ~ -82Vdc, 165Vac ~ 265Vac

       Power consumption: <200W with full loading

Ø Operation Environment

       Working temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C

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